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By the Numbers: A Layman’s View of Statistics Reporting on the Spread of COVID-19 Throughout Africa and the World

A Layman’s View of Statistics Reporting on the Spread of COVID-19 Throughout Africa and the World OverviewAccording to the World Health Organization (WHO), COVID-19 is an infectious disease caused by a newly discovered coronavirus.Most people infected with the coronavirus will experience mild to moderate respiratory illness and recover without requiring special treatment. The elderly and those with underlying medical problems like... Read more

The Connection between Heart Disease and Diabetes in African Populations

Type II diabetes is a chronic disease that is developed due to the body’s inability to use insulin for the processing of glucose for fuel. This illness has become a progressively growing problem worldwide as the global prevalence of type II diabetes has grown from 4.7% to 8.5% between the year 1980 to 2014 (Gao, Seshasai, Gobin, Kaptoge, & Di Angelantonio, 2010). A large proportion of the world, 1 in 10 people develop type II diabetes... Read more

What is cardiovascular disease?

Most people who are diagnosed with cardiovascular disease (CVD) can live without symptoms for many years. By the time a proper diagnosis is given, on-going management, counselling and medicine are required. To understand the importance of early detection, we must look into the various forms of CVDs and the various ways it can impact your body. 1. Coronary heart disease:This is one of the most talked-about CVD. The disease is caused by a ... Read more


EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW WITH CHEF HELEN, CHIEF CHEF @FOODSTOPKITCHEN There is a relationship between the foods we eat and preventing non-communicable diseases. A healthy diet plays a major role in the prevention of several non-communicable diseases. In this exclusive interview with Chef Helen, the CEO of FoodStop Kitchen, we explore her cooking background and some of her tips on eating healthyHello Helen, Please tell us more about ... Read more

Why do heart diseases hit harder in Africa?

In recent years, lifestyles have been changing across Africa. Rapid urbanization taking place over the continent has provided easier access to unhealthy diets while more people are spending their days sitting at a desk than on moving on foot. Similar to all other trends seen repeatedly in other countries across the globe, many of these populations in Africa are therefore now becoming at much higher risk for non-communicable diseases (NC... Read more

What do you think of Cancer?

What do you think of Cancer? Cancer is a non-communicable disease (NCD). It is a group of diseases involving abnormal cell growth with the potential to invade or spread to other parts of the body. To put it even simple - it is what happens when “the small small cells inside our bodi con grow the way they nor suppose grow and it fit enter, con spread inside ourwa bodi”.So what do you think of Cancer?Bimbo was 20 years old and ... Read more

Chronic Disease Brief For Africa (August 2019) By Dara Oloyede

Uganda: NCDs Drugs Included in the Updated Essential Medicines List ; Tanzania: Heart Diseases On the Rise; Ethiopia: Improving Hypertension Prevention; Kenya: National Cervical Cancer Vaccination Rollout; Uganda Cancer Institute Makes Strides in Research, Treatment, and Training Uganda: NCDs Drugs Included in the Updated Essential Medicines List  Tanzania: Heart Diseases On the Rise  Ethiopia: Improving Hypertension Prev... Read more

Walking can sustain our health

Walking can help to achieve the required physical activity to sustain our health Many people consider themselves too busy and as lacking time for physical activity. I have one question for those people, ‘Are you too busy and have no time to go a hospital while you get sick?  Lack of time is not a barrier to getting active. It is a matter of integrating physical activity into daily routine tasks to achieve the minimum... Read more

Health Promotion Tools on Non-Communicable Diseases in Africa, is there a gap? By Olla Wasfi

If you are a healthcare provider, health educator or a patient, is it easy to find resources on non communicable disease (NCDs) health promotion tools in Africa? Although there are many studies that were done to investigate risk factors and prevalence of non communicable diseases in African countries, there is still a lack of available health promotion tools on NCDs that can be easily found. I have worked on finding health promotion tool... Read more

Do pharmacists have a role in the prevention and management of non communicable diseases? By Olla Wasfi

Pharmacists have multiple roles in different settings. These roles are expanding and include vaccine/injection administration, screening of certain diseases, and patient counselling. As the role of pharmacists is developing beyond their usual practice, the prevention, early detection, and management of non communicable diseases (NCDs) can be integrated within their workflow. With the increasing burden of NCDs worldwide including Africa,... Read more

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