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‘Leadership for better health’

Lewis Green's analysis of last weeks WHO Regional Committee Session in Luanda. ‘Leadership for better health’ was the message emanating from Angola last week, as 46 African health ministers descended on the country’s capital Luanda for the 62nd WHO Regional Committee Session. The four-day event, also attended by nongovernmental organisations and representatives of UN agencies, provided a critical overview of the healt... Read more

World class healthcare in developing countries!

Dr. Ernest Madu speaks about his success of providing low-cost first class healthcare to Jamaica and his plans to establish a similar facility in Africa. Although non-communicable disease (NCD) treatment facilities are sparse in developing countries, they do exist and are becoming more prevalent thanks to social entrepreneurs like Dr. Ernest Madu. Dr. Madu, founder of the Heart Institute of the Caribbean, has made world class healthcar... Read more

Educate yourself: Asthma – a deadly disease

What we do not realise about a deadly chronic disease in Sub-Saharan Africa: Asthma. Surely, everybody has heard of the devastating effects of HIV or malaria or even tuberculosis in sub Saharan Africa. Needless to say that these diseases are not to be taken lightly or to be underestimated. Many of you know for a fact that countries such as South Africa have a considerable rate of HIV in their population. But did you know that South Afr... Read more

Preventing Diabetes – Benefits of Exercising

Tamara K. N. talks about diabetes in Africa, its dangers and preventing it by living a healthy lifestyle. Once upon a time, diabetes was a scarce disease in Africa. It was then justified to think that such a disease was only the concern of the wealthy and rich. This time is beyond obsolete. In effect, diabetes is Africa’s problem today.  In 2010, 12.1 million adults were estimated to be diabetic on the continent, with only 1... Read more

A forum for discussion: What should we expect?

NCDs make it onto the agenda for November’s 62nd Session of the World Health Organization’s Regional Committee for Africa   Speaking in Luanda recently (October 18th), WHO Regional Director for Africa Luis Gomes Sambo confirmed that special attention would be paid to chronic diseases at the 62nd Regional Committee Session, to be held in November. The event, also to be held in Luanda, will bring together the Health Ministers ... Read more


Sub-Saharan Africa is experiencing a critical shortage of healthcare professionals, largely due to the emigration of skilled labour to Europe and North America. This human capital flight, or ‘brain drain’, is widely recognized as a contributor to weak healthcare systems in low-income countries and unfortunately is expected to continue. Sub-Saharan Africa is experiencing a critical shortage of healthcare professionals, largely due t... Read more

Smoking and its Hazards

Tobacco is the leading preventable cause of death in the world. It continues to cost our society too many lives, too many dollars, and too many tears. By 2005, we had about 5.4 million deaths caused by smoking alone, which is an average of about 1 death every 6 seconds. One in three 3 adults smokes and 50% of them die because of smoking. If the tally continues like this, there will be about 8 million smoking related deaths by 2030. Tob... Read more

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