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Why chronic diseases are human rights issues in Africa.

Let's correct the misconception that chronic diseases are diseases of the rich once and for all by Ebele Mogo Let's correct the misconception that chronic diseases are diseases of the rich once and for all. It is costing us action on the part of the research community, lay people, donors, governments, innovators and the media. Chronic diseases hit the poor badly 80% of chronic disease deaths occur in developing countries. Not o... Read more

My greens challenge and why you should try it

With a little creativity eating vegetables can be fun. Let's go on the adventure together. My friend who is a health coach gave me a challenge recently: to eat as many different green vegetables as possible before our next chat; which is usually every other week.   In that time I tried some greens outside my usual comfort zone- I tried spicy mustard greens, collard greens, and the usual lettuce, as well as some Nigerian vegeta... Read more

Starting Your Day Right

2 simple steps to help you start your day right What is the first thing you do when you wake up? A scramble to hit your alarm clock? A regret to how late you’ve slept in? Being intentional about your morning has made all the difference for me when I wake up. No more sluggishness or yawning throughout the afternoon. Starting the day with a feeling of accomplishment boosts your self image and mood. I will show you how to do this ... Read more

Cinnamon: Your blood sugar superstar

Spice up your life while balancing your blood sugar with cinnamon. This subtly sweet spice does more than amp the delicious factor of any dish. From ancient China to Ayurvedic tradition, cinnamon has long been used for its medicinal benefits. Modern researchers are catching up with what healers throughout history have long known – that this spice offers more than just a flavour burst. A growing body of research is pointing to cin... Read more

Cardiovascular Disease: the world's biggest killer

What it is and why we need to do something                 It is not surprising that so much attention is directed towards fighting infectious diseases in developing countries. They are a very visible problem, afflicting people of all ages, and the disparity between developed and developing countries is especially tragic and seemingly unjust. In fact, approximately 70% of deaths in sub-Saharan Af... Read more

Eating right with Diabetes

If you are a lover of food and you have just been diagnosed with diabetes, it must feel like your world has just crumbled but do not despair as there are many options to pursue with this situation. We have to establish first that icecream, beer, alcohol in general, tons of carbohydrate would have to be drastically reduced in your diet. If you are a lover of food and you have just been diagnosed with diabetes, it must feel like your wor... Read more

EAF Fundraiser...Community, EPIC and You!

EAF held our first fundraiser recently and it was a huge success. The theme that developed over the course of the night was community!  EAF recently held our first fundraiser in Calgary to build awareness and provoke critical thinking about non-communicable disease. The night was a great success involving traditional African cuisine, games, speakers, dancing and a thoughtful discussion about how we (YOU) can make a difference in t... Read more

Rwanda leads the way on NCD reduction policy

Reporting on this weeks NCD conference in Kigali. Rwanda is quickly earning itself the reputation as the outright leader on African health-related issues.  Civil war devastated the country in the early 1990s, but since fighting ended in 1994 Rwanda has become a success story for war-torn countries in the developing world. Life expectancy has doubled in the last 18 years, from 28 years in 1994 to 56 years in 2012.  The countri... Read more

Fighting non-communicable diseases in Africa- It starts with YOU.

Own your health; it is your own. Growing up, I came face to face with the severity of non-communicable diseases in Nigeria; from losing several loved ones and acquaintances to them, to seeing women and their children pushed into dire poverty after their husbands died from them, to seeing my classmate drop out of school because her father had died of cardiovascular disease. Non-communicable diseases are diseases like stroke, hear... Read more

Chasing Diabetes

My Dad grew up in a typical African Household in the 50's and this entailed dealing with multiple mothers and several siblings and having to share food with them. By several siblings, I don't mean 5 other siblings. I mean about 29 other legal siblings so when their mums announce that food is ready, they all rush and the person that hustles the most to eat gets satisfied. My Dad grew up in a typical African Household in the 50's and... Read more

"You are not only what you eat- you are what you're eating ate."

Dustin is a health coach and nutrition counsellor. He had once given me a healthy-shopping grocery store tour and after that I often email him to ask for his input on some health and nutrition questions. The post below is his email answer to one of my questions. Dustin is a health coach and nutrition counsellor. He had once given me a healthy-shopping grocery store tour and after that I often email him to ask for his input on some heal... Read more

Smoking and Taking Children To An Early Grave

Talking about children being the first victims of passive smoking. Studies have shown that second-hand smoke kills more than 600,000 non-smokers worldwide every year. Among these deaths, 379 000 are related to heart disease. Added to that, the World Health Organisation (WHO) declared, after research, that about 40 percent of the world’s children are regularly exposed to second-hand smoke in their home. Indeed, a report published ... Read more

Get Off Your Couch Or Else It Might Just Kill You

Correlation between high heart rates and earlier death. Researchers have found that people with higher heart rates ranging from 80-100 face higher risk of a premature mortality than those with lower heart rates. In fact, people with resting pulses of 80 beats per minutes die four to five years earlier than those with pulses of 65 beats per minute. Experts says that: “To put that into perspective, it is the same difference in life... Read more

Dandora: Life and Death

Taking a look at Dandora and the bigger picture. For those of us that play out our lives in first world paradise, it’s one of those images that is difficult to accept – a child, seemingly lost within an ocean of filth and waste that stretches beyond the horizon in every direction. But this child is not alone, not within their country, nor within that ocean in which their feet are submerged. And we’ve all seen the imag... Read more

Fighting Chronic Diseases with Yoga: Not in Africa

Fighting Chronic Diseases while taking into consideration culture differences After coming across an article talking about the benefits of yoga for people suffering from heart-related chronic diseases, I started wondering why yoga was not promoted in my home country: D. R. Congo. I personally love yoga. I feel like it helps with my concentration in general, calms my nerves and gives me a good stretch following a hard workout. The Har... Read more

African Cuisine: A Culprit in Chronic Diseases?

Maybe it isn't actually. Populations in Italy and Greece have one of the lowest rates of obesity, chronic diseases and higher life expectancy. As surprising as it might be, for a country (Italy in particular) renowned for its pastas, pizzas and so on, it is a fact. Apparently the Mediterranean diet is best for preventing some types chronic diseases One of the main benefits of the Mediterranean diets is its olive based cooking traditi... Read more

Brush those pearly whites!

Research has found links between periodontal disease and heart disease. This article touches on the research while addressing the oral health concerns arising in Africa. Over the past few years I have started making deliberate steps to take care of my teeth. I mainly got on the oral health kick because I was tired of having my teeth drilled and filled whenever I got a cavity but after taking a course in university and learning about po... Read more

Lift those weights, live longer

Weight lifting in preventing certain types of chronic diseases. I decided to start working at my father’s gym in Kinshasa, D.R.Congo for the holidays. I planned on going back to my routine as fast as I could; which involved waking up early, exercising for about an hour before starting work at the reception. I have to say; my first session gave me more material to write than I’d hope for initially. It is imperati... Read more

Cigarettes: How about saying it’s just not worth it…

Smoking can cause cancer, cancer can kill you. I’ve recently been to pay my respects to my aunt and uncle as the niece they took under their care had just died of cancer in South Africa. She was just 21 years old, full of life according to her folks and a regular university student. I could see the sadness and incomprehension on the faces of her family members. Although I didn’t know her personally, I can’t help but l... Read more

Is chronic disease a global 'crisis'?

Last year, the UN held a landmark general assembly to address global state and affect of non-communicable diseases on populations. But does this mean measurable steps are being taken to combat the long-term detrimental affects chronic diseases have on developing countries? In September 2011, the UN held a high level General Assembly meeting on the current state and prognosis of non-communicable diseases (NCD) in developing countries. T... Read more

Busting some myths about chronic diseases by Ebele Mogo

Welcome to the maiden edition of the Engage Africa Foundation (E.A.F.) blog. We look forward to regularly updating our content with current discussion and debates on the issue of chronic non-communicable diseases. As you may know by now, we at E.A.F want to take action on reducing chronic non-communicable diseases through advocacy, awareness, health promotion, and results-oriented research. If you take a look around our website you wil... Read more

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