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Blog 4: Mental Health Recommendations

Recommendations to Improve Mental Health in African Countries Based on my research to date on mental illness within the African population and resource-poor countries, I have come to conclude some general recommendations that would improve this serious public health issue. There appears to be a relationship between non-communicable diseases (NCDs) such as mental illness and communicable diseases such as HIV. For instance, research has sh... Read more

It's Time

It's Time The 24th of March each year has been set aside by all UN member states to raise public awareness on Tuberculosis (TB). This yearly event marks the discovery of Mycobacterium Tuberculosis in 1882 (the bacteria responsible for causing Tuberculosis) by Dr Robert Koch.This event has been celebrated yearly since 1997 with different themes for each year.The 2019 theme for world TB day is “it’s time”This theme is a c... Read more

Chronic Disease Brief For Africa (March 2019) By Dara Oloyede

Tanzania: Improving Training For Healthcare Providers, Mauritius: National NCD Prevention Campaign, Namibia: Stigma Is A Barrier To Cancer Diagnosis, Tanzania: Cancer Institute Screening Program, Kenya: National Strategy For Preventing And Controlling Non-Communicable Diseases Tanzania: Improving Training for Healthcare Providers Mauritius: National NCD Prevention Campaign Namibia: Stigma Is A Barrier to Cancer DiagnosisTanzani... Read more

Blog Post 3: Combatting mental health stigma

Understanding the meaning behind outward appearances; as they are more profound than merely superficial narratives. Hello again everyone!As I begin writing my report on mental illness within the African population, I cannot help but notice a common theme. It is the fact that stigma toward those with mental illnesses seems to be relentless throughout the literature. Whether it is a focus of the research or not, it continues to be a common... Read more

Keeping Cardiovascular Disease at Bay

February 2019 The month of February in America is recognised as national heart month. It is the month for raising awareness of heart disease. Some activities for promoting cardiovascular disease awareness include wearing red, encouraging people to organise events that promote cardiovascular health at home, work-place or in the communities and share their stories on social media platforms (NIH, 2019).Cardiovascular diseases can be describ... Read more

Blog post 2: How to Tackle Serious Public Health Issues in Resource-Poor Countries?

Potential Strategies: Financial Hello again everyone, after providing an overview of mental illness and potential causes, I am back to describe what I think are viable financial strategies to tackle mental illnesses in resource-poor countries. Financial strategies are essential in tackling mental illness in resource-poor countries because as indicated in the chart in my first blog, many individuals in these countries struggle to pay for ... Read more

Chronic Disease Brief For Africa (February 2019) By Dara Oloyede

Gambia: First Lady Spearheads Child Protection and Nutrition Project, Nigeria: 41,000 Cancer-Related Deaths, Sierra Leone: Tobacco Use a Challenge to Sustainable Development, USAID: Funding Announcement for Cervical Cancer Prevention in Sub-Saharan Africa, Nigeria: Organization blames Parents for Depression in Adolescents Gambia: First Lady Spearheads Child Protection and Nutrition Project Nigeria: 41,000 Cancer-Related Deaths Sie... Read more

Health promotion: Just a click away!

Health promotion: Just a click away! I am Olukemi Obajimi, a practicum student with Engage Africa Foundation. I am a part time Masters of Public Health student at the University of Waterloo, hoping to complete my program this year.My goal for my practicum at Engage Africa Foundation is to prepare a report on the best practices for social marketing for health promotion. This project would require me finding the best available evidenc... Read more

Mental Illness(es) Impacting the African Population

Blog post 1: How to Tackle Serious Public Health Issues in Resource-Poor Countries? Hello all, my name is Shelley McKee, and this is my first blog of what will be a series. Presently, I am in the midst of completing my Masters of Public Health at the University of Waterloo. As the course title suggests, it is expected that this program will provide me with a broad understanding of public health issues which involves: alcohol, tobacco and... Read more

Chronic Disease Brief For Africa (January 2019) By Dara Oloyede

Nigerian Female Bikers Promote Women’s Health and Empowerment; Tanzania: Cervical Cancer Screening Event; Uganda: Addressing Mental Illness; Ethiopia: New Regulations for Tobacco and Alcohol; Africans over 60 at risk of Disabilities caused by NCDs Nigerian Female Bikers Promote Women’s Health and Empowerment Tanzania: Cervical Cancer Screening Event Uganda: Addressing Mental Illness  Ethiopia: New Regulations for Tob... Read more

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