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Books and My Mental Health

People always exclaim, “Weyinmi, you too like book o”. I always giggle at their exclamation because I gladly with all my heart take it as a compliment. Before, why I no go like book? I enjoy reading books especially those that build my faith as a Christian. For this season, I joined a book club which is a first time thing due to work and I have been reading two books simultaneously. I usually do not do that, but coronavirus has tried and tested some things. 

I am currently reading ‘Lead Like Mary’ by Barry Dore and ‘The Squiggly Career’ by Helen Tupper and Sarah Ellis. They are both wonderful reads for me as I build on leadership skills and navigate through a very squiggly career. 

Reading improves mental health! I can testify to this as last year was a rough year with severe mental health issues. I literally was having panic attacks every day; however, when I started reading more and taking comfort in spending even a few minutes reading, I get relaxed. 

There is something called Book Therapy where it complements medicines prescribed by a health professional to support anyone who is experiencing a mental health issue. It works based on research as it is said to be a reinvention from the Greek times and even Shakespeare’s books are said to help with depression. 

It’s up to you whether you choose a genre of book for escapism today! 


Dr Oritseweyinmi Erikowa-Orighoye

Educator, Development and Career Consultant


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