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Dealing With Non Communicable Diseases In The African Prison System

Exploring how African prisons are dealing with NCDs. Dealing with Non Communicable diseases in the African prison system In my previous posts I explored the epidemic of NCDs in various African countries and the lack of framework in place to combat these diseases. As I explored more, I became increasingly more interested on how the African prison systems were dealing with the influx of NCDs. As expected information on this topic was ... Read more

South Africa- The third fattest nation in the world

This blog challenges the stereotypical views of Africa as a starving nation and introduces the new epidemic spreading across the land: Obesity. South Africa- The third fattest nation in the world[1] The rate of obesity in South Africa is staggering. Seven out of ten women and four out of ten men are in danger of being classified as obese. [2] Even those that are not obese still run a huge risk of developing Non Communicable Diseases ... Read more

Your Africa Health News Bites For December 2015 by Dara Oloyede

AIDS Is the Leading Cause of Death For African Teens, Youth Told To Live A Healthy Lifestyle to Prevent Diabetes, School Leaders and Parents Important for Sexual And Reproductive Health And Rights Education, African Nations Slowly Improve Conditions for Disabled, Majority of Sierra Leone Ebola Survivors Still Face Health Challenges, Nigeria: Maternal, Newborn and Child Health Week December 2015 Health Bites AIDS Is the Leading... Read more

Your Africa Health News Bites For November 2015 by Dara Oloyede

Ugandan Ministry Of Health Announces Plans To Ensure That Ugandans Live Longer, Mental Health in Zimbabwe, Sierra Leone Declared Ebola Free,Huge Gains On Meningitis A In Africa Could Be Under Threat, Nestlé’s Campaign Helps To Reduce Salt Intake Across Central And West Africa, Nigeria: Creating Demand For Uptake Of HIV Counseling And Testing,Ugandans Working To Tackle Growing Drug Problem. November 2015 Health Bites  ... Read more

Hitting Home Series: Bassey Ikpi On Mental Health Advocacy And The Need For No Shame

Bassey Ikpi is an inspiration not just through her brilliant poems but also through her mental health advocacy work. Through her advocacy, Bassey Ikpi reminds us all that there is such a thing as having a mental illness and that people who live with a mental illness should be listened to, supported and not shamed. Hear her for yourself in this interview that she did with Engage Africa Foundation. Our Hitting Home Series features true s... Read more

Why Eye Care Is Integral To Chronic Disease Prevention And Management

Barilee Abueh, The Founder of Sight Rescue Initiative Connects Eye Care and Chronic Disease Prevention and Management Barilee Abueh, The Founder of Sight Rescue Initiative Connects Eye Care and Chronic Disease Prevention and Management   Tell us about Sight Rescue Sight Rescue Foundation is a non-profit organization that will serve the developing countries as a provider of primary eye care, education and advocacy for the pre... Read more

Your Africa Health News Bites For October 2015 by Dara Oloyede

Healthcare for Africa’s Older Population At Risk, Cameroon Finds Resistance to Polio Vaccination Campaign, Kenyan Men With Breast Cancer Fight Disease and Stigma, Uganda Tackles High Levels of Antibiotic Resistance Through Social Media and Community Outreach, Malawi Rehabilitation Center Suffers From Lack of Funding, Mental Health Is An African Problem Too October 2015 Health News Bites Healthcare for Africa’s Older Po... Read more

A silent killer: the story of cervical cancer in Africa

Examining the reasons behind the soaring statistics of cervical cancer among African women. There is a silent killer sweeping at an alarming rate through Africa, and its name - cervical cancer. The statistics reported are far higher than those from any developed region. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), 34 out of every 100,000 African women are diagnosed with cervical cancer and 23 out of 100,000 die from it. In North... Read more

Your Africa Health News Bites For September by Dara Oloyede

Diabetes a Growing Health Concern in Africa, Kenya Launches The National Adolescent Sexual and Reproductive Health Policy 2015 (ASRHP), Botswana Court Grants Access to HIV Testing/Treatment to Incarcerated Foreigners, Sierra Leone: Ebola’s Impact on Mental Health, Drugmaker Profits Undermine Malaria Diagnosis in Nigeria. September 2015 Health News Bites           Diabetes a Growing Health Concern in ... Read more

Your Africa Health News Bites For August by Dara Oloyede

Kenya Joins HIV DREAMS Project, Africa: Shortage of Meningitis C Vaccines, Nigeria Marks A Year Without Polio, Sierra Leone: Attention on Ebola Supersedes Efforts Towards Maternal Health, Non-communicable diseases and the Need for a different Health care model, NCD Alliance: Transforming Our World-The 2030 Agenda For Sustainable Development Headlines Kenya Joins HIV DREAMS Project Africa: Shortage of Meningitis C Vac... Read more

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