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Learn about Diabetes Type 2

Diabetes Type 2 Welcome to another edition of our health education series.This video talks about the following key points:Symptoms of diabetes type 2 include weight loss, fatigue, blurred vision, excessive thirst and frequent urination. Causes: The cause of type 2 diabetes is unknown however, it is known that the body resists the actions of insulin. Risk Factors for this condition include family history, age, race, Inactivity.&... Read more

Your Africa Health News Bites For May by Dara Oloyede

Young Women Bear HIV Burden, Ebola Survivors Can Transmit Virus Through Sex, Sudan: Aid Groups Struggle With Massive Measles Outbreak, Africa: Fight Against Malaria Must Be Taken to 'Next Level', Rwanda: President Approves Bill Paying Mothers 100% During Their Maternity Leave, Tshwane to promote food gardens, Ivory Coast Bans Potentially Deadly Skin-Whitening Creams, Liberia Declared Ebola-Free.   Young Women Bear HIV Burden D... Read more

The Housing First Principle

From this perspective, eating healthy could mean having food in the first place, exercise is not by choice neither is it the preferred route when there is no energy, and smoking, well that could be a luxury. We’ve heard the same sermon over and over: eat healthy, exercise, don’t smoke etc. But how practical is it all? What does eating healthy really mean to a person without shelter let alone, a fridge to store fruits and vege... Read more

Hitting Home Series: Pauleanna Reid Speaks on Her 6-year Battle with Mental Illness

"The day I opened up was the day my life changed." Pauleanna Reid Speaks on Her 6-year Battle with Mental Illness "The day I opened up was the day my life changed."  She is a successful entrepreneur, a motivational speaker and an author. However, just as it is with every success story, Pauleanna Reid has surmounted challenges to get to where she is today. Reid had a bitter struggle with depression and now a survivo... Read more

Hitting Home Series: A Tribute To My Father

Our Hitting Home Series invite everyday people who are on their way to better health or have overcome chronic disease issues to share their personal stories. These are true stories that take courage to share and we hope they inspire you to get started or keep at your journey to better health and wellbeing. Editor's Note: Stephen (@ArroYomi on Twitter) recently lost his father to a heart condition. Through this tribute he joins his ... Read more

Your Health News Bites for April

Kenya: Law Penalizing Women for Passing HIV to Child Declared Unconstitutional, Ghana's Democracy is Driving Progress in Health and Education, South Africa: Botched Ritual Circumcision Leads To World's First Penile Transplant, Alarm As Cholera Affects 200 Pupils, Kenya: Illegal Pharmacies Fleecing Buyers. Kenya: Law Penalizing Women for Passing HIV to Child Declared Unconstitutional Ghana: Its Democracy is Driving Progress in Health... Read more

Our Health Education Series Just Launched. Join in Celebrating With Us.

Celebrate the Launch of our Health Education Series By Sharing With Your Network. Engage Africa Foundation has launched a monthly Health Education series tailored to Africans to help people understand more about chronic diseases, how to prevent and manage them and how to live healthy. Cell phones and internet access are quite pervasive in Africa, so why not use them to spread health information? We dream of the everyday person having acc... Read more

Health is Wealth Fellow 4TH BI-WEEKLY BLOGPOST

4TH BI-WEEKLY BLOGPOST The data collected and collated were analyzed during this period (weeks 7 and 8 of the project). 181 respondents were chosen by simple randomly sampling from all the members of the Association of resident doctors in Federal Teaching Hospital Ido-Ekiti, Nigeria. Respondents were informed of the purpose of the project and the confidentiality of their answers were guaranteed. Two important milestones we wanted... Read more

Health is Wealth Fellow Bi-weekly Blogpost 3

Bi-weekly Blogpost 3 The fifth and sixth week of this project had a smooth sail. Specified targets met during this period: - Tips and resource links on the benefits of exercising or being physically active were sent to all respondents - Importance of exercise prescription and how to carry out the prescription were also imparted to the respondents. In-depth and key informant interviews were carried out among some of the respondents ... Read more

Your Africa Health News Bites For March by Dara Oloyede

This Months Headlines:Measles Vaccination Rates Tanzania Are Better Than the U.S., Senegal’s Pharmacies Are Better Than Yours?, Nigeria Is On the Verge of Eradicating Polio, 21 Million Nigerians Have Psychiatric Disorder, Sierra Leone: Ebola Leaves 12,000 Orphans, Sierra Leone’s Young Community Leaders Are the Best Weapon Against Ebola, Kenya: State surveillance of cholera increased after eight people die This Month's Headlines... Read more

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