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An Interview with Oludare on Physical Activity, Fitness and Health

In this interview with Osazemen Aghedo, Oludare Olayiwola, a Fitness Professional tells us about the importance of physical activity, and the work he does as a fitness professional.


1. Can you tell us about yourself and what you do?

I'm Oludare Olayiwola, a certified fitness professional and also a member of the European Register of Exercise Professionals (EREPS). My core role as a fitness enthusiast and pro is to help people lead healthier lifestyles and promote optimal wellbeing of people encouraging individuals to be more physically active to avoid sedentary lifestyle diseases such as Obesity, Hypertension and other cardiovascular diseases than shortens lifespan.

I'm currently a Lead Fitness Trainer at a Fitness Centre in Lagos and also a Tutor at the Institute of Registered Exercise Professionals. I have a First degree in Physiology and I'm also PhD Candidate in Exercise Physiology. 

2. How long have you been in the fitness industry? 

I have been in this industry for over 5 years now

3. What inspired you to go into fitness? 

My curiosity about the functionality of the human body and the possibilities of optimal living inspired me to go into fitness. It all started with me trying to work on myself; improving my stamina and cardiovascular endurance and also bodybuilding. Along the line I got insights to begin to encourage people around me especially my family members. Also, I was very active in sporting activities like soccer and basketball which also enabled some of my training skills.

4. What can you say are the main effects of physical activity on health?

 There is a vast benefit of physical activity, however, the major effects of physical activity on health includes

  • Improved Cardiovascular endurance through regular cardio exercises
  • Increase in bone density due to frequent resistance training 
  • Improved metabolism and digestion of food
  • Vitality and adequate nutrient supply to organs of the body
  • Avoidance of sedentary lifestyle diseases
  • Improved carriage and Self-confidence

5. Can you shed some light on the relationship you have seen between physical activity and the health of the people you work with?

 Well well, the impact of physical activity on people who are regularly involved is always inevitably obvious. Someone who has been dealing with shortness of breath while climbing up a hill of flight of stairs totally forgets about that feeling. Another person who has lost of weight gets more confident and socially active. People who complain about lack of sleep usually begin to sleep better and look healthier once they begin and continue exercising. The overall impact of physical activity on health is usually positive.

6. How can we make physical activity more inclusive to the need for different people in the population like girls, the elderly and those with disabilities?

 In my opinion, physical activity is diverse enough to allow people of different ages, gender and conditions to partake. A fitness professional is able to design customized prescriptive exercises to anyone and their physical health needs. Certainly, people need to be educated, encouraged and motivated about the benefits of physical activity.

6. How well informed do you believe the public is about Physical Activity?

 On the average, currently about 60% - 70% of the public is aware. Covid-19 lockdown period really encouraged people to more physically active.

7. What misconceptions and barriers have you seen to physical activity? 

Some people think that physical activity is stress, while others even perceive it as unnecessary. The major barrier to physical activity currently is awareness, proper education on how to perform physical activity and how to use tools or equipments to enable exercising.

8. What have you found successful in getting people to be more active? 

1. Self motivation: People who begin to exercise due to health issues or body goals are usually most successful in living a healthy lifestyle. 

2. Free recreational parks for physical and sporting activities also motivates people to be more active, they'll rather save or use their money for other things than pay for a gym subscription  

9. Where do you envision the most room for improvement in promoting physical activity?

 I think awareness through social media, grooming of more fitness and health professionals to educate and train people and also governmental input in providing free equipped areas in communities to encourage physical activities 

10. What parting words do you have for the general public? Also, where can we find you online? 

The benefits of physical activity on health and lifespan cannot be overemphasized, it definitely outweighs all odds and it is essential for everyone to be involved. A population with healthy individuals is productive, energetic and prosperous. We can live a more fulfilled life together once our health is optimal and intact as this affects our total wellness.

Find Oludare Olayiwola on LinkedIn and on Instagram as @Darevictor_  


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