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Chasing Diabetes

My Dad grew up in a typical African Household in the 50's and this entailed dealing with multiple mothers and several siblings and having to share food with them. By several siblings, I don't mean 5 other siblings. I mean about 29 other legal siblings so when their mums announce that food is ready, they all rush and the person that hustles the most to eat gets satisfied.They are not given a chance for their brain to register when they are full. The most important thing is getting the most out of the bowl of food as they didn't get individual plates of food either. Imagine washing 30 dishes after every meal. This type of bad habit causes over feeding and bad nutritional practices and it builds over the years and becomes the norm in their lives. 

Fast forward to his 40's, diabetes rears its ugly head and comes with its friends high blood pressure and obesity and this is as a result of little or no control over the years and no knowledge of proper nutrition. This is usually the case with many African homes as the parents lack proper nutrition education and as such they have nothing to pass down to their children so this starts to spread across generations.

Over 12 million people in Sub-Saharan Africa are estimated to have diabetes and it is estimated to increase significantly over the next decade. We can decide to continue to treat the disease or understand and address its root before it claims lives of a significant part of the next generations. 

Over my next few articles, I would be providing tips on how to address this issue from the aspect of nutrition and how to educate the upcoming generations and replace bad eating habits with healthier practices.

Let us eradicate Diabetes from the upcoming generations!

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