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Coronavirus Prevention Resources in African Languages

Given the weak health system capacity in Africa, the projected impact of Coronavirus, a pandemic that has already claimed tens of thousands of lives, is concerning. While social distancing and handwashing have been recommended measures, misinformation is rife. Prevention is the most effective offensive we can take against this epidemic.


Building on the power of community, we worked on a crowdsourced project to translate evidence-based preventive guidelines primarily from the World Health Organization, into several African languages. You can find the materials in eighteen languages, as well as the team that made this project possible here:


We will be disseminating these resources via grassroots organizations, but we also hope that you will help us do this as well. So download, and share away to your networks, radio, TV and social media networks, Whatsapp groups, email lists and wherever you think these resources can make a difference:


With gratitude to our team of contributors,

From the EAF core team: Ebele Mogo, Dara Oloyede, Cyril Tata, Tola Olufemi, Aghedo Osazemen, Anthony Lerno, Lucy Chu.



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