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Engage Hitting Home Series : Fitness with Femi Odutola

Every time you read health and fitness blogs, for some reason the focus is typically on all the aesthetics. There appears to be an almost unrealistic correlation between shredded 6-packs and a healthy lifestyle. The reality is, a healthy lifestyle goes beyond having the perfect body (what is that anyway?). As a matter of fact, a shredded body doesn’t necessarily make you the healthiest person in the pack. Take this from an unqualified Ijebu Doctor. u.M.D.


In this series, I will be sharing my journey as we figure this out together. I often train with one of my very good friends, Kosi who also happen to be my fitness instructor. He really put me on to this this lifestyle of paying attention to my meals and spending more time exercising. Since then, the changes have been welcome – to say the least. However, the truth is, this lifestyle isn’t just about the results as it is about the process and sometimes it does gets challenging. In this series, we will be taking you through the conversations that take place on days we don’t feel like going to the gym and how we get through them. In my case, I am a big jollof rice and plantain chips addict, sometimes the concept of moderation might as well be quantum physics. 


I am fortunate enough to have amazing friends in some of the right places that are better at this thing than I am. I learn bits and pieces from them and I see no reason why you can’t either. That’s why, every now and then, I will be sharing a post highlighting my stories as well as featuring the stories of others. I’m very excited about sharing that part of my life with you but first things first, here are a few things you things you should consider doing in the meantime as we begin this journey together:

Femi at the doctor's for a checkup

1.      Make appointments with your doctor and dentist: This is absolutely crucial, major key if you are up to date with current social media lingo. You’ll be amazed at the number of people who have no idea what their blood group is. If that sounds like you, that’s ok. That’s why we are having this series in the first place. Get a blood work and physical examination done at least once every 6 months. Take that from a guy who really hates needles.

2.      Pay attention to the signs: Taking a break to address constant headaches and fatigue does not make you a slacker – contrary to popular belief. These often times, are precursors to conditions more severe if not addressed early. Early detection is extremely important to mitigating chronic consequences. Not even sure how else to drive that point home.

3.      Monitor your activity levels: You should pay attention first of all, to the fact that you are getting some physical activity in a typical week. The intensity and variety of the activities come into play after that. As to all the things you can do to spice things up? Your guess is as good as mine :). Just make it fun enough that you want to continue. We’ll share my monthly challenges here.

4.      Relax, it’s actually never that serious: Healthy living, believe it or not includes emotional wellness and getting adequate rest. How are you feeling? Are you experiencing any signs of stress? Just relax; the world will go on with or without you. That's a painfully difficult fact to accept for many of us. Don’t drain yourself.

5.      You are what you eat – No, this is not about those jerk chicken-loving exes of yours. We’ll get to that at a later time. This is more about the awareness and choice of what goes into your body. Some vehicles requires premium gas as stipulated by the manufacturer. It’s a little more painful on the pocket but the effect on the ehicle’s performance is obvious. The same thing applies with the human body. Food is fuel for the body and you should make sure you are taking in the right kind.

6.      Follow Engage Africa Foundation on Twitter and Facebook (@engageafricafdt): I’ve seen some pretty amazing tips and updates there to keep you engaged. The pun was definitely intended smiley


If you are not thrilled about where you are today, remember the point is progress not perfection. Start where you are, and with what you have. The only competition is you but you don’t have to do it alone. If you have any questions for me, Kosi or any of my guests, you can leave your comments or send your emails to and we will discuss them on subsequent posts.


About Femi: Femi Odutola was born and raised in Lagos, Nigeria. He moved to Canada for school as a teenager and now lives and works in Calgary, Alberta. He is an engineer by day but during his spare time he likes to get involved in volunteering and philanthropic activites in his community. Find him on twitter @odutee


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Want to help us to keep making impact? There are different ways to support Engage Africa Foundation: follow us on Twitter @engageafricafdt, ‘Like’ us on Facebook (share our posts), also you can donate here:  - See more at:







Want to help us to keep making impact? There are different ways to support Engage Africa Foundation: follow us on Twitter @engageafricafdt, ‘Like’ us on Facebook (share our posts), also you can donate here:  - See more at:



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