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Men’s Health Month

The social norm for men is to be strong physically and mentally. However, due to this stigma, men are known to be quiet sufferers of mental health disorders such as depression and anxiety.

What does this mean for NCDs? Mental health and NCDs have a strong co-correlation, heart disease, diabetes and cancer are known to occur together with mental health disorders. In addition, poor mental health often lead to poorer choices in diet and unhealthy lifestyle among men as well.

So, this month, I challenge you to take time to reach out to the men in your life. We are living in unprecedented times during this pandemic, now it’s more important as ever to take care of one’s mental health. Reach out to the fathers, brothers, husbands, sons, boyfriends, friends, partners or any men in your life and ask them about their day. We must open the barrier that surrounds mental health and be not afraid of vulnerability!


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