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Ocie's Hitting Home Story- Using simple healthy lifestyles on the road to recovery from depression

Our Hitting Home Stories invite everyday people who are on their way to better health, have overcome or witnessed a loved one with chronic disease issues to share their personal stories. These are true stories that take courage to share and we hope they inspire you to get started or keep at your journey to better health and wellbeing. To submit your story, email us at

I would like to start by thanking the Engage Africa Foundation team for creating the 'Hitting Home' series.
Late last year, I went through a deep emotional trauma. I found myself ordering lots of junk food and lying down on my bed a lot. I worked out at least once every month but my drastic lifestyle changes could not be countered by the few minutes that I spent in the gym once a month. I started gaining weight.I used to feel so depressed when I was alone, so I came up with a plan to help myself be in the company of someone or some people very often. The plan was successful - I met up with at least one friend every week for something fun (usually to chat over restaurant food). I was always happy in such an atmosphere because the meetings would cause me to laugh and forget my emotional troubles.

The meet-ups did not automatically put a stop to my tendency to eat junk food and lie on my bed a lot.

I continued gaining weight in early 2014 and gained so much this year. However, I made a decision a few weeks ago to start taking my social, emotional and physical health seriously. I am now on my journey back to happiness and to lose all the extra weight and cultivate healthy habits. I continue to have frequent meet ups with friends as I have seen the value for my emotional health. Since I tend to discuss with my friends over food at a restaurant, I now order a side of salad or other vegetables instead of high-starch foods. I workout once a week and I try to use stairs instead of the elevator. It is amazing the happiness and strength that a person experiences from having healthy habits.I have been there and I want to get my mojo back smiley

Thank you once again for creating this podium that has helped me share my story on depression and on my road to recovery.

Kind regards,



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