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Play As Learning 

“We don’t teach uncertainty in schools. It should be the absolute bedrock of what we teach children – how we come to know and how we describe reality. In fact, we teach the exact opposite.”- Adam Rutherford, science writer, & Rufus Hound, comedian.

My son has delays in his speech, so sometimes we can find it difficult to communicate verbally. Also, a child who’s attention span is like a minute to five minutes into an activity, one has to keep up with lots of activities. 

As a mother and a Paediatrician as well, I have learnt to incorporate play as learning for him. His attention span lasts a bit longer than five minutes and we get along pretty much until either of us is exhausted. 

Learning is sometimes thought of in the strictly academic sense, yet research in child development has shown us that learning is much broader and interconnected. 

It is a low-stress activity for both of us because I do not make the environment too academic, neither does he feel he is been boxed into a space that doesn’t fit him. It is a win-win for both parties as learning, growth and peace of mind are all achieved at a go. 

Children are born to learn through play. The tools for enhancing and strengthening children’s learning are already available in our homes, communities, and classrooms. 

The answer is, in essence, is as simple as child’s play! 

Dr Oritseweyinmi Erikowa-Orighoye

Educator, Development and Career Consultant


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