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Q1 Challenge: #Engage100DaysOfFitness

Relax, we will do something the other 360+ days but I thought it’d be exciting to have quarterly challenges to make things interesting. Ok, I’m totally making that up. I got the inspiration from one of my friends, Rashad. We’ve had previous discussions on fitness and health choices so this year he decided to embark on a “100 day fitness challenge”. Rashad is looking to develop his upper body strength as well as conditioning. One amazing way of achieving this is through the good ‘ol pushups. Rashad aims to complete a series of simple exercises including push-ups, every single day for the next 100 days and he has asked me to hold him accountable. I thought that was fun and I have agreed to join in on the act. I’m therefore extending that same invitation to you. The idea behind it is simple;

  1. Pick an exercise that doesn’t require you to be at the gym e.g. pushups, dips, skipping etc. We are trying to eliminate the excuse of weather, drive to the gym etc. #NoExcuses
  2. Perform that exercise in the comfort of your own home, however many sets you find comfortable. Don’t worry; you’ll end up competing with your mind to push yourself as you go. Don’t take my word for it, you’ll find out when you start.
  3. Once completed, use the hastag #Engage100DaysOfFitness with the day you are on as well as any progress notes. For example. Day 10, Added an extra rep of pushups today J #Engage100DaysOfFitness

By doing this, we will be joining a growing community of friends while motivating others to continue their progress. Everyone has 5 minutes to spare, that’s 30 Snapchat videos that can probably wait. #NoMoreExcuses.

 Remember,the goal is #ProgressNotPerfection. I’ll be joining my friend, Rashad in his push up challenge.

Hey! Let’s get the President & Founder of Engage Africa Foundation, Dr Mogo to join us. I hear she likes skipping.   Share your choice of exercises with us, What’s your challenge?




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