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Suzanne Brume is keeping it very fit, in her interview with Engage Africa Foundation

Suzanne Brume is definitely a fitness expert to know and we are very happy to feature her in today’s Hitting Home Series.  Suzanne runs an award-winning fitness blog called Eights and Weights. Through her blog, Suzanne consistently shares tips on how to live a fitter and healthier life. Engage Africa Foundation is extremely excited to share her story, as her fitness expertise is mainly targeted to an African audience. Take a read at our interview with Suzanne and be motivated (you can do it!): 


Tell us a little about yourself

I am a lover of life, travel, and fitness. If you want to get me to do anything, just talk about it in terms of the new things I will experience, the physical activity it will entail, or the new people I will meet. Gym, smile, and suitcase :)


What motivated you to start your award-winning blog - Eights and Weights?

Exercise and nutrition were not things I thought much about until I became an adult. Food was not very important for me as a child so it wasn't until I actually started to exercise that I realized how hard it was to get the right information. Starting the blog was a way for me to simplify and share what I had learned on my journey to getting fit, and a way to connect with others who were potentially going through the same struggle. It is a day-to-day lifestyle and it is important for people to know they are not alone.


Your blog seems to be targeted to an African audience. What are some of your favourite healthy African meals?

My favourite meals are pretty bad for me...haha. But I do have great African meals I love that are also good for you. Moin-moin is one of the things I will always find a reason to eat. I tend to make mine with very little oil, with some eggs, and some fish, and it tastes great. Another of my favorite meals is efo (spinach) soup with chicken or fish and a little bit of natural pounded yam. I say 'natural' because the packaged version is a silent killer. Give me that and some zobo and I'm good.


What are your three top favourite work-outs? Please give a brief and detailed explanation of each

Squats: Squats are good for your leg and butt muscles, but people don't realize that when done well, they also work your abs. To do this exercise, stand tall and place your heels wider than your hips with your toes turned out slightly. Bend your knees and lower your butt towards your heels as low as you can keeping your upper body upright and core tight. Lift back up.


Planks: Work on your abs with planks rather than doing endless crunches. Lie down with your stomach facing the floor and then lift your body up until your weight is being help up on your palms and toes. Squeeze your abs tight.


Burpees: For a great high intensity total body exercise, try some burpees. I have a love/hate relationship with them. Start standing, and lower your arms down until your palms are on the floor on either side of your feet. Transfer your weight into your palms by jumping back into a plank. Do a pushup and then jump back up into the last position with your palms on the floor. Jump all the way up with your hands up in the air. Repeat!


How can people connect with you?



Facebook: Eights and Weights

Twitter: @eightsnweights 



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About the author

Chiamaka Mogo is a Nigerian and the Manager of Engage Africa Foundation's Hitting Home Series. She is also a social justice advocate, blogger ( and Public Administration graduate from the University of Ottawa, Canada. 



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