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Engage Africa Foundation aims to inspire alternative narratives of development, engage with diverse sectors to promote and advocate for health development, and to work with communities to transform them into ones with improved health and wellbeing.

A key resource base for us are our volunteers which we help to build skills in public health, social media, writing, advocacy, event organizing and social entrepreneurship as they volunteer with us to make a difference in global health.

If you are interested in this vision, please send your resume and a short statement of interest to info@engageafricafoundation.org. We will match you to the appropriate volunteer opportunity.

We look forward to hearing from you.


1. Bloggers

Our bloggers are responsible for creating articles on the intersection of health, lifestyle and Africa to promote awareness, prevention and control of non-communicable diseases. These articles can be technical, personal, creative, different but have to be written well. Bloggers get tailored feedback to enable them improve their craft and over time develop their writing skills through the process of writing with us, while also building their social media presence. For this position we are looking for someone with a knack for a good story, that knows how to take data and make it interesting and come up with new perspectives to keep readers engaged.


2. Policy Researchers

Policy researchers will work with our board to research the health systems and policy situation in African countries, coming up with an analysis of the situation, actors and context, and creating policy recommendations that are context specific for each actor on the continent with a dissemination plan to ensure that this work is being used to make real change on the continent. If you want to go into policy work, this is a good way to get mentored and develop your policy analysis skills. We are looking for someone with a keen interest in health and development, policy change and Africa for this position.


3. Data Aggregators

Research on non-communicable diseases in Africa is still minimal. As a result, people often rely on speculation. We want to put an end to this by creating a platform where people can get real and peer-reviewed data on non-communicable diseases on the continent, thereby arming them with knowledge and the tools to act. The Data Aggregator will review peer-reviewed journals and create salient summaries of these articles on non-communicable diseases in Africa for a non-technical audience. For this role, research and writing skills and a knowledge of how to find and read academic literature will be helpful


4. Development Team

Members of the development team will work with our board to identify potential corporate sponsors for the organization's initiatives. This can include businesses who may wish to invest in us for their corporate social responsibility efforts, individuals, philanthropic organizations, or sponsors who would like to give us in kind gifts to say thank you to our donors. For this position, a lot of initiative and an entrepreneurial drive will go a long way and we will guide you the rest of the way.


We look forward to hearing from you!


Our mission is to create narratives and inspire action that can put health and wellbeing at the center of Africa's development.

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